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Last of the ordered hanging baskets left for their new home.  Started clearing up the house.  Now have 2 spare bedrooms, one as a guest, the other as my craft room.  Trying to persuade daughters to collect their belongings.  Can’t wait to start decorating and have found some paint charts.

Interesting news last week.  Tenant renting the shop has been caught drink driving so given up his tenancy.  Spent last week feeding and watering his animals but have drawn the line at cleaning them out.  Downpour on Tuesday meant that the rabbits in the shop had an impromptu swimming lesson.  Hastily moved them to drier cages.  Spent all day Monday and Tuesday getting a pig movement licence to move the pigs Wednesday.  So sad to listen to their squeals as they were moved.  They deserve a better life than they had here.  Not due to me but my tenant.  Managed to get him to take the rest of the animals apart from the fish on Thursday.  Spent yesterday cleaning out his cages and getting advice about koi carp.  It seems I may have over 50 of them and they won’t sell until next year.  The tenancy expires on the 14th October so I can start clearing it out then