Lynn Nurseries

Plant Nursery Lichfield

Usual opening hours 10am to 5pm daily
Please call ahead to ensure that the shop is open

Phone 01543 481918

Poultry and eggs for sale at Lynn Nurseries, Lichfield

We breed and keep chickens, laying hens and a number of small animals at the nursery and often have some available for sale, e.g.

Chickens for sale

  • Silkies, various colours, £30 each
  • Ex battery hens at £10

Free range eggs for sale

  • Hens eggs £1.50 for 6

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Other poultry and animals for sale

  • Ducks, large breed laying white eggs – £10 each

Call us for current availability – or come over and have a look, we’re happy to tell you all about them and how to look after them.


  • Heritage Slate Turkeys available for Christmas, call for sizes and pricing